‘Hear Dog’ Toy

hear dog

Dog toys can be so annoying with their loud and repetitive squeakers that the dog squeaks over and over until you just want to throw it out of the window (the toy, not the dog).

This toy has been designed to make a noise that is perfectly pitched that it can only be heard by doggy ears.  This leaves your human ears unblemished by the incessant squeaking and allows your dog to chew away to his hearts content.

At only $11.99, this is well worth paying a bit more for.


Luxury Wicker Oval Pet Bed Settee

dog bed

This stunning bed is not cheap at £89 (pet pyjama’s) but it is very lovely and so comfortable that your pussy will never want to get out of bed.

There are larger versions available for the doggy in your life.

The bed is made from environmentally friendly materials and is lovingly handwoven.

Made by Prestige Wicker, specialists in handcrafted wicker pet beds – these beds will be around long after your beloved pet gone to doggy or pussy heaven.

Some of the amazing features of this dog bed –
Luxury Wicker Oval Pet Bed Settee with Cushion.
Handmade from quality wicker.
Features a removable cushion.
Environmentally friendly.
Available in lots of different sizes for your dog or cat.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain For Cats & Dogs – A Great All Rounder

water fountain


The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is the only dog and cat dish with a free falling stream, that is most like the running water pets love. Everyone knows that cats and dogs love to drink free flowing water over a stagnant bowl of still water.

The fountain was designed by a vet called Dr. Mary Burns, and the doggy/pussy cat fountain filters and adds air to continuously moving water keeping it fresh and appetising. The great thing about this product is that it entices even the fussiest of pets to drink more water and to stay hydrated, keeping them happy and healthy.

Just a few of the cool points about this dish –
* The dish provides a continuous waterfall of water
* Adjustable flow rate meaning that ll pets are happy
* Cost effective to run
* 50 fluid ounce bowl capacity – enough for even the thirstiest of pets
* Charcoal filters absorb unwanted tastes and odours – easily maintained
* Completely dismantles for cleaning, keping the water fresh and clean
* Recommended by Vet Urinary Specialists, no sticky doggy pee pee
* Comes complete with a 1 year warranty

Keep your thirsty pussy off the worktops and stop them licking the dripping tap with this wonderful waterfall bowl.

The product helps prevent urinary tract disease in cats by maintaining proper hydration. As the vet who created this dish knows, most cats do not drink as much water as they should. This dish encourages drinking and will keep your cats urinary tracts nice and healthy.

This dish costs £29.90